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Drupal Vs WordPress: What is better?

Before the development of a website for any business, the developers often stuck in the dilemma of whether to build a website using Drupal or WordPress. Which one will be more beneficial? Although, both are CMS (content management systems) and provide you with a self-hosted solution so that you can manage all your website content. But what is better is a difficult task to judge. Then, let us help you in deciding. This blog focus on the comparison between WordPress and Drupal.

Introduction of WordPress

WordPress has been considered as the most popular and prevailing content management system. It was launched in 2003 and had control over 60.8% in the market of known content management system. Keep reading to know some of the famous examples of famous business entities who have a robust grasp over the web:

  • Whitehouse.gov
  • Sony Mobile
  • University of Washington
  • Mercedes Benz
  • TechCrunch
  • The New Yorker

Introduction of Drupal

It was launched in 2000 and has been in the market for even longer than WordPress. But the difference is it was not able to grab that much of gaudy in market share. Drupal has 4.6% share in the market of content management system. Following are the notable websites whose business owner chose Drupal development services:

  • University of Colorado
  • State of Colorado
  • The Economist
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Nasa.gov

Given below is the pie chart showing the percentage of websites under the CMS market share:

Drupal Vs WordPress: What is better?

Going back to Google trending 2004, you can see that both the frameworks used to have the growing fame, but now, it has been somewhere affected. No matter, both are trends. Go through the given graph of market share growth for both WordPress and Drupal.

Drupal Vs WordPress: What is better?

How do Drupal and WordPress ease the process of CMS?

There are many points to discuss Drupal and WordPress, but we are throwing light to some of the advantages that will help you to choose the best among Drupal development and WordPress development.

Perks of using WordPress

  1. Easy use: it is significantly more user-friendly for developers as well as non-developers.
  2. Extensibility: The feature of plugin communities and third party theme has made it stand out without the requirement for custom development. Experts have also said that WordPress can do anything that Drupal can do, all you need to use the right extensions.
  3. Get help: There is no doubt in its massive global community which means it is really very easy to find support for any issues which you were running previously.
  4. Lower development costs: In WordPress, you will get more out-of-the-box solutions, and you can easily afford wordpress developers than Drupal developers.

Perks of using Drupal

  • Custom content types and views:  Most of the people find drupal’s custom content types more flexible than wordpress custom post types.
  • Access controls/user permissions: A Drupal website can have access for controlling system through which you can develop new roles with the permissions of an individual.
  • Core support for multilingual sites: you will find multilingual functions in Drupal 8 whereas sites of wordpress require to turn into third-party plugins.
  • Taxonomies for handling lots of data: If we talk about the Drupal’s taxonomy system then it is more flexible than WordPress which could be the example of ideal handling for lots of content.
Drupal Vs WordPress: What is better?

What is the difference between the running process of WordPress and Drupal?

WordPress is the first winner when it comes to building a new website with ease. 

Read ahead:

WordPress Ease of use

Among all website development platforms, WordPress is the easier platform which can go from zero to a fully successful functioning website which looks fully professional and fascinating. You can easily carve your niche theme and enable it to work for long. The WordPress interface is considered as the simple for even most casual users to grab quickly. On the other hand, tools such as WYSIWYG theme customizer and of course, the upcoming Gutenberg editor can only make it stupendous for casual users which can easily create meaningful and unique content. 

Drupal Ease of use

Drupal is quite the opposite. Although, we admit that the Drupal theme do prevail but Drupal websites sport a high customized theme or custom-coded theme . So, you have to hire a Drupal Web developer who will build a good looking and professional website.

Read more: How to use Drupal

Apart from this, the interface of Drupal is incomprehensible for most of the common users especially at first glance. We are not the only one who is saying this but the Drupal usability page itself says, “Generally people expect more user-experience when it comes to content creation than Drupal offers, instead of functionality those people address the standard for a Customer Management System that is not available there.”

Look at the following picture for the example of core editor in Drupal 7:

Drupal Vs WordPress: What is better?

Yes, its functioning is at a basic level and it is not that user-friendly in content creation experience but when it comes to the WordPress TinyMCE editor or the upcoming Gutenberg editor than these are far ahead than Drupal.

So, we hope now we will be able to decide whether to go for WordPress or Drupal and which one is better. If you want to reincarnate your website and seeking a web development agency then contact to Quantum coders Ltd for availing the high-quality of work.

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