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How to install Google Analytics on a Drupal Website

By installing Google Analytics you can start getting detailed report regarding visitors to your website. For installing Google Analytics to your Drupal powered website you have to first create an account at the Google Analytics site and then install a Drupal module to your Drupal installation to get user statistics and reports from the Google Analytics website.

For installing the Google Analytics application for your website you have to first download the Google Analytics module from the official Drupal website. But before downloading the Drupal module you have to ensure that the module is compatible with the version of Drupal that you are using. Once the module is downloaded you have to extract the package to get all the files of the module. For extracting the module you can use any extracting tool that can extract .tar and .gz archives.

After extracting the files from the package you have to upload the files to the Drupal site by using a SMTP or file transfer protocol. For installing a downloaded module you have to install the module under the site/<site name>. It is wise to create a new sub-folder under the modules directory in the name of Google Analytics and then upload the module to that folder. Once you have uploaded the module you have to enable the module to start getting user statistics from Google Analytics website. For that you have to go the Administrator >> Module section and check the enable box and then save the configuration to successfully install Google Analytics module.

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