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How to hire a Web Developer

Why there is a need for hiring a full-stack developer in your business? Does a web developer provide a memorable experience with the high rate of success? If yes, then what are the prowess of the web developers and how they can add more glory and perfection to your company? All these questions are often struck into the minds of the interviewer before hiring them. Hence, you must be in a hasty to set-up your business with specific goals and obligations but this dream won’t be able to come true if the certain process will not be followed at the time of interviewing the candidate for web development

No doubt, many organization consider the hiring for an in-depth experienced web developer who is more familiar with programming languages such as HTML, HTML5, Javascript, CSS etc. On the other hand, a full-stack developer has a good command over different languages. The need to hire a web developer or full-stack developer is to proceeding towards the next level i.e an IT firm which is committed to offering the web-developers or full-stack developers services at its best. In the current scenario as well, developers who are already employed with IT firms are experienced enough in working on several projects simultaneously. Technically, hiring a candidate who has worked in an IT firm for more than 1-2 years would be more efficient in time management and delivering the high-quality of work. Further, you can also hire on your own approach as well.  

Sectors Where Web-Developer Or Full-Stack Web Developer Empowers

  • Health
  • Banking
  • Entertainment
  • Business
  • Jobs/careers
  • Transport
  • Travel
  • Real estate
  • Food
  • Dating
  • Sports

Remember, your decision should be wise while hiring a web developer. After all, its the person who will build the online presence of your business and interact with the potential customers virtually. So, it is essential for a growing business to hire the right talent by thoroughly observing the things Otherwise, all your time, money and efforts will go in vain. In this blog, we will be discussing the right selection process of any web developer.

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All you need to follow only 5 steps which are given below:

  • Look for DNA first, then work experience: DNA should be the first and foremost consideration in the hiring process of any web developer. While experience should be the secondary thing. To be at the zenith of success, someone’s innate DNA and fitting it into your business could be the positive factor. If you give emphasis to time-management and deadlines, then the web developer must be fit in it. Therefore, prepare a list for the requirement of the company’s DNA. If the requirements are more than five aspects then in that case please ensure that the interviewee must match at least three. No doubt, hiring for the DNA can contribute to defining a culture of the company and yes make sure the integrity should be there within the team. Sometimes, people pretend to be fake at the time of interview but its the job of the interviewer to evaluate smartly through different ways.
  • Assign the small project to a new developer at first: Probably, you will be glad that you have hired an ideal candidate for the company but at an initial point you should allot a small piece of the project which is non-critical. Through this, you can observe the person whether he/she is actually good at his/her work and provide additional information beyond the interview or not. You can easily judge the candidate on how efficient he is in delivering the final product and also the fact that “does he/she able to go beyond to get the product delivered? How creative was his/her work? How well has he/she work in a team and communicate the grievances?” All these things can be judged after the first project completion.
  • Give an aptitude test rather than skill set: In the world of tech and robotics, skills have became old method of judging as it keep on changing according to the demand. It would be good to hire a web developer having knowledge of latest technologies easily despite someone having specific knowledge of something. Besides, the easiest method of detecting someone is questioning that will disclose whether the candidate would love to learn or not. Let’s have a look at the questions that you should ask at the interview to predict his/her interest in learning:
  • What are the new programming languages you got recently familiar with?
  • What can you do to learn the new tech and tricks?
  • What are the technical conferences which you like the most?

  • Never ask trivia questions on programming:There are certain questions called trivia which needs to be avoided at the time of interview. Following are the examples of those questions:
  • Who has created the Java programming language?
  • PHP was released in which year?
  • From where the name of the Python scripting language has originated?

Apart from this, following are the open-ended questions:

  • How will you manage the conflicts in a web application when others are also editing the same data?
  • What will be the design patterns you use and in what situations?
  • Can you point out any differences between component-based design and object-oriented design?
  • Always hire slow and fire fast: Always take proper time while hiring. Never take a decision in a hurry. But whenever you realized like the person isn’t working as per your expectations, then let him or her go as fast as you can. Of course, an ineffective web developer can be troublesome to the entire company as well as to the clients. It may be difficult to fire fast in small companies as everyone get involved with each other in a bond of friendship but don’t let that stop you.

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