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Quantum Coders Rated 2nd Best Drupal Development Firm

Quantum Coders has been rated Second Best Drupal Development Company after Drupal Connect for September 2010 in an independent ranking exercise carried out by the Plymouth, Indiana based authority on best web designing companies called besetwebdesignagencies.com. Quantum Coders with its Head Quarters at Maryland, USA, has a host of selective best bred brains of the industry. The number of full-time employees is in the range of 50+. According to bestwebdesignagencies.com, we have an outstanding success of 83% in client retention with 63+ active clients. Some clients of Quantum Coders worth mentioning are John Hopkins University, Moon Nurseries, Audi, Panviva, Everblue, Carson Scholars and Vail School District. Drupal development services, web development and web designing has been the forte of Quantum Coders and it is known to have excelled in these fields.Quantum Coders has earned this prestigious title consecutively for the third time during the past three months on the basis of its outstanding performance in the area of Drupal development. An extensive evaluation criterion based on a set of internally developed parameters was employed for the ranking survey. The first criterion was based on project analysis and measures the competing companies’ ability to analyze the business requirements of the client and also the choice of software or protocols best fitted for the occasion. Then comes the parameter of the client’s involvement in the project and its ability to formulate an effective strategy for the designing and development of the website. Third, comes the effectiveness of the strategy and the firm’s ability to handle the various issues at every stage of the project life cycle. The quality of service provided is the next parameter that was judged. Evaluation criterion and to what extent has the company been able to implement their strategy in the development life cycle were the final judging criteria. Update: Quantum Coders has again bagged the Second Best Drupal Development Company award in the month of October 2010.

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