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Using Views in Drupal

Drupal Views can offer very effective solution to creating pages with dynamic content and also for creating blocks. Pages that show latest content such as news or are dynamic in nature, showing the top ten articles, or information with content ratings can be easily created with the help of Views. You can also create a custom home page with the help of Drupal Views. For using Views, the first step would be to download and enable the views module. Create a separate directory to store the Views module separately from the other modules that come with Drupal. This would make modification or removal of these optional modules easier later on. You would then know the ones you need to delete or modify later on. Then you need to upload the whole of the view directory to the Drupal site and you will have a path of the module. Once the path is defined, the Views module needs to be enabled. For creating new page views, there are some ready-made options available in the list of currently available views. You can also create new page views from scratch. You can even add blocks and group all information given on a site with the help of Views. Blocks are small bits of information and they can be added or inserted at pre-assigned places in any page. The content can be rearranged to suit one’s specific tastes or summarized in ways which you feel visitors might want to see. Drupal Views thus enable a very useful way to create newest blocks that show content based on regular ratings such as the top ten stories, etc. and it is also useful in accommodating new and latest comments from various sources and keeping everyone posted or updated. See our Drupal Development portfolio.

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