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The 10 years of Drupal

In all its ten years, Drupal has undergone tremendous evolution to suit the growing and changing needs of the tech world. Drupal 7 Beta release along with Drupal iPhone application release has poured a fresh lease of life for the Drupal followers. It was another achievement of which the active Drupal community is proud of. Drupal founder Dries Buytaert was interviewed in an open source convention in Portland were he has given a brief update on Drupal 7 Beta release. He provided a status update on Drupal 7 and the 44 critical bugs that needs to be fixed. A whole lot of new features have been added to the Drupal core. Approximately, a total of 70 modules, which had been contributed, have been added to the core. Experts believe Drupal 7 would be slower than Drupal 6. Dries Buytaert has been working on Drupal Development for the last ten years and had introduced the world to this open source technology way back in 2001. In these ten years, Drupal has been put to various uses right from building social networking sites to educational websites, organizational websites to business websites, and picture galleries to Internet marketing solutions. Drupal has been widely used by developers and designers all over the world. It is now spelling success for millions of Drupal savvy users and faithful Drupal followers.

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