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Benefits Of JSP design

JSP, short for Java server pages, is actually an extended version of the Java servlet technology. It is the combination of Java and HTML code to be used in a single file. Nowadays, this technology is becoming quite popular due to several benefits it offers to its users. Some of these can be enlisted as follows:

  • You hardly need to learn Java to use JSP. You can easily use and operate JSP without any knowledge of writing the Java scriplets. Though they are still used for the back end mobility of operations, they are hardly of any use in the front end dynamic content creation.
  • Using a tag extension system called API, designers and other java tag library developers can extend the JSP language through simple tag handlers. This is a cleaner and simpler way of extending the language resulting in an increased availability of the reusable tag libraries for the developers to work upon.
  • The JSP pages can be compiled into the Java servlets on the first attempt itself. Also, they can be used on all types of platforms without facing any type of hassles. In fact, all the JSP components are accessible and can also be run on any type of web servers and web based applications enabled servers.
  • JSP technology applications are easy to maintain and manage in the long run.

Owing to these benefits, JSP is becoming popular among its users and is considered to be the preferred choice by most in today’s internet arena. Contact Quantum Coders expert j2ee design services team for best results of your Java projects.

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