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Customizing and Changing Your Joomla Template

Joomla templates can prove to be both, a bane or a boon, while designing the website. They are a boon as they provide an easy way to design powerful websites but can prove to be a bane when you want to customize the design template as it offers only two default patterns. Following tips will help you in changing the dynamics of the Joomla templates to make them suit your needs and requirements:

  • Firstly, copy the templates folder of Joomla in Templates and rename it wth your own name.
  • Customize the templatedetails.xml to suit your needs and design requirements and upload it to the webshot.
  • After this, do ensure that this new template is placed in the template manger and is used as the default. After this, you can edit the HTML and CSS coding of the page using the edit options available in the template manager for both, along with the text style too.
  • After editing the template according to your design you have to then replace the illustration of default outline path with the one you just created for your site. You can check whether the module is displayed in your desired way in the module manager.

Apart from changing the original design templates you can choose and download from many other Joomla template options available over the internet and change them as per your needs or even contact a web development company such as Quantum Coders and professional Joomla Developers will do the complete work for you.

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