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Drupal 7.0 Alpha 7 released

On 16th September, 2010 Drupal community announced the release the seventh alpha version of Drupal 7.x. And this version was opened for further testing and feedback. The developers also hope that this version would prove to be the final alpha version of Drupal 7.x. and there have been some major improvements that will go a long way in making the Drupal 7 release bug-free to the maximum extent. There has been a large number of upgrade path fixes and usability improvement features incorporated. Field UI movement extension, API fixes as well as improvements, accessibility fixes, improvement in coding standard, and API documentation features have also been incorporated. Tests have been passed on PostgreSQL and SQLite fixes. A new default jQuery UI theme is worthy to be mentioned. The fixes for alpha 6 version has been has been carried out meticulously and critical issues have been taken care of. Improvements have been brought about in the security features, markup features, and overall performance. The developers are optimistic about this release and hope that within a month’s time they will be able to produce the beta version. The intention is to have a few beta releases before taking the final plunge with the Drupal 7 release. Developers feel that there are some security issues still lingering on in this version and they have invited testers to test this version and have also added a word of caution that the seventh alpha version of Drupal 7.x should solely be installed for testing purposes. See our Drupal Development portfolio.

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