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Drupal 7.0 has been released

The long wait for Drupal followers is finally over. After three years of waiting not less than a thousand contributors have successfully collaborated ardently to make this release possible. The community members consider this collaboration historical and revolutionary. Through this release the contributor community has grown in both size and diversity. This release is now ready for download. 

The usability, accessibility and the design features have been updated greatly to make even more popular among the Drupal lovers. The previous limitations have been removed to a very great extent. You can get started by downloading the core files of the official Drupal. The official release of Drupal is recommended as they come with host of various modules and themes. These might give you a good start towards building your site. The Drupal core also includes the basic community features and would have features supporting forums, blogging, and contact forms. These features are also easily extensible. For that, you just need to download some contributed modules and themes. 

This latest version of Drupal 7.0 presents a strong web publishing framework that people would definitely enjoy working with. As a word of caution, we would also like to add that the end user should carefully review the system requirements and go through the installation guide before installing Drupal 7.0. In case you are using Internet Explorer and WinZip, you would need to save the file first or there are chances that Internet Explorer might corrupt the file’s extension. See Drupal.org for more information – Drupal 7.0 has been released

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