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Drupal development, to be absolutely successful, needs to have certain features:

  • – The website should be robust and loaded with basic functionalities.
  • – The website should be running smoothly without trouble.
  • – It should be capable of being updated with its pages and content modified, edited, or deleted.
  • – The security features should be absolutely updated with no hacking probabilities.
  • – The site should also be easy to maintain even without the help of experts.
  • – It should be user friendly with easy navigation features.
  • – Search engine optimization is also a very important aspect.

Drupal development concept spans across a wide array of activities and uses while designing a Drupal based website. The very idea of Drupal development might refer to customization of Drupal themes to produce creative output or develop Drupal themes to address certain specific client requirement, or maintaining a Drupal site apart from Drupal deployment and Drupal optimization, or even designing a website completely with Drupal frontend and backend support, and also migrating any existing client sites to Drupal. It might also refer to working on the Drupal modules to give a touch of uniqueness to the freshly designed website. The testing of the functionalities and features of the site along with quality assurance is also a part of the development process.

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