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Drupal undoubtedly allows the creation of search engine friendly websites. Websites rankings are to a great extent dependent on the speed of your website and Drupal has a host of good themes that have SEF markups and the Drupal core has Javascript and CSS aggregation that can increase the speed of websites to a great extent. To enable clean URLs, Drupal developers can use the pathauto module that facilitates nice and customized URLs. The path module has to be enabled for the pathauto module to work. Nice looking URLs based on taxonomy, title, content type, and username are generated even without taking the trouble of much configuration. Meta tags are extremely important when it comes to search engine optimization. Meta tags module of Drupal enables meta description for every page. The meta tags summarize the web pages briefly and might contain one or two key words, which might improve search engine optimization. A host of next generation of modules is being added continuously to give Drupal a new meaning as far as search engine optimization is considered. The page title module enables setting the custom page titles. A custom front page and fixing the theme’s HTML header are also recommended. Following these basic instructions might help you in generation a fair share of qualified and useful Internet traffic for your own website. Contact Quantum Coders for your Drupal consulting and programming requirement.

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