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Few Reasons Why You Should Program in Java

Few Reasons Why You Should Program in Java:

Java is an independent programming platform that is designed to work well with Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems. Java is one of the most popular and dynamic programming languages used today.

Few reasons why you should use Java for programming are discussed below:

Easy to learn:
Java is one of the most easy to learn programming languages for beginners.  Java was designed to be easy to learn so that it becomes easy for the programmers to write, debug , compile and learn other programming languages. The main reason why Java is easy to learn is that it uses automatic garbage collection and memory allocation. When you learn the basics of how to program in Java, you can create your first Hello program within minutes.

Excellent online support system:
There is a huge community of java program developers who are adept in using Java. You can also refer to online Java forums such a Java Forum or the big moos saloon, java programmers at these forums are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Besides, Oracle offers Java API and Java tutorial reference documents.

Platform independent:
Java is platform independent, which implies that you can develop the program on one platform and use it another platform. However, you need to have JRE (Java Runtime Environment) on the target platform.

Java is Free:
This is the most striking advantages of using Java. All the Java features and functionalities are available for free. Download Java for free and develop different kinds of programs.

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