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How to Add Video on a Drupal Page

Drupal is an open source content management system that is written using PHP programming language. One of the key features of Drupal is that this content management system not only works well with Windows but it is also compatible with Linux and Mac OS X.

If you have a drupal site and if you are looking to add a video to your Drupal page, the following tips will greatly help you embed the video:

1.Open a text pad or a word document and go to the video sharing website and find the video you want to add. Right click on the video and click on view source. You would get a script page, copy the entire script and paste it on the text pad. If you want to upload your own video on the Drupal page, just upload the video on the video sharing website then copy and paste the video embed code.

2.Log into your Drupal account and create a new page from the administrator tools. Name the page as video page and give a brief description about the video.

3.Copy and paste the embed video code from the text pad in the body of the content editor.

4.Under the content editor, you would see a link known as ‘Input format’. Click on the link to expand the section and check if the ‘Full HTML’ radio box tab is enabled.

5.Finally click on the submit button. When you preview your Drupal page, the video you embedded would appear on the content page.

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