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How Dot Net is An Integral Part of Application Web Development

Dot Net is a revolutionary application development platform created by Microsoft. The Dot Net framework mainly consists of three parts viz – The Framework Class library, ASP.NET and the Common Language Runtime (CLR).

Owing to user-friendly nature and integrated advanced application development options, the Dot Net platform allows is one of the most popular application development platforms. Dot Net allows programmers to create dynamic web applications that are used to connect employees, customers, businesspersons and partners in a single loop by using web services.

Dot Net is integrated with several options that help programmer to develop, manage, implement and access connected security enhanced programs through web services. Program developers can use Dot Net platform to build highly robust and scalable websites. In addition, the web application created in Dot Net can be connected to other ubiquitous applications.

Programmers use Dot Net platform to develop highly interactive, fully secured and customized websites at an affordable cost. The platform can be used to develop anything from a small personal website to large enterprise web applications.

The CTS (Common Type System) feature of Dot Net framework defines all the programming constructs and data types that are supported by the CLR. CTS also determine how the programming elements interact with each other adhering to the CLI (Common Language Infrastructure). This feature of Dot Net also allows the exchange of object instances between libraries and application created using Net language.

The Dot Net platform is integrated with several design tools and features that help web application developers to manage the installation of computer software so that it does not hinder the proper functioning of the previously installed software and at the same time confirm to the security requirements.

Owing to such amazing features, Dot Net is an integral part of the Web application development.

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