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How to hire a reliable Joomla programmer

Joomla programmer would help in constructing a robust Joomla website at an affordable price. While hiring a Joomla programmer, you should outline the exact requirement and portfolio desired. Specialization in areas needed should also be specified. The project details along with the timeline should be defined at the very beginning. To hire the best breed of the industry, advertisements need to be put up and experience and credentials of the candidates need to be scrutinized to choose the one aptly fitted to your particular requirements. Things and abilities you should look for in a Joomla programmer:

  • – Prior industry experience
  • – Proficiency in the latest version, Joomla 1.5 framework
  • – HTML editing
  • – Managing site navigation and meta contents
  • – Ability to format pages, including banners, titles, profiles, managing and organizing content as per requirement
  • – Ability to format pages so that it shows URL to site and also enables navigation to the main sponsor page
  • – Enabling display of new and latest information
  • – Enabling creation of new links

To work with this best-in-class award-winning Joomla websites the Joomla programmers will be required to work with web applications of varying complicacy levels. The latest version of Joomla Framework Joomla 1.5 gives an opportunity to the Joomla programmers to create feature-rich applications.

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