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How to Install the Drupal CMS structure?

Drupal is a popular Content Management System that lets you create and maintain website, blogs, online forums with database and host of other features like chatting. For developing Drupal powered websites you have to install the Drupal application. For installing Drupal you have to first download the latest Drupal application that will come with the core modules and themes that are necessary for developing website with basic features.

After you have downloaded the Drupal application you have to extract the package and upload the files to the public_html folder of your account that you have to create through a file transfer protocol. If you plan to create multiple websites under your Drupal installation, you can create sub folders under the public directory. If you wish to maintain a database for your website, you can also create the MySQL database at this stage. Now you have to run the install.php file to install the CMS structure. You need to select the language of your choice for the websites under your Drupal installation. Of course you can also add other languages afterwards by installing regional language modules. Now you have to copy the settings.php file to the default directory and that will give you the permission to edit and modify the settings of the installation according to your requirement. In the settings.php file you can create administration features and settings for the websites.

This is the manual process for installing Drupal CMS structure but there are many automated tools that can help you with the complete installation process.

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