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How to install a Drupal module

When you install Drupal Core in your system, it will automatically install some of the most commonly used modules. These modules come bundled with the Drupal Core Download. But as you start working in Drupal, you will discover that there are so many other utilities as well that are required to develop Drupal powered website. These utilities can be incorporated in the website by using different modules that are developed by many contributors and uploaded at the official Drupal website. To use these modules, you have to download these modules from the Drupal website and install the module to your system. There are many ways to install a new Drupal module to your system, but you for optimum performance you have to ensure that you install the module in such a way that the installed modules can be tracked easily, they can be updated whenever the new version of the module is released by the developers. Here we are discussing step by step procedure of installing Drupal modules.

Download the module – Before you download the module you need to make sure that module is compatible with the version of Drupal that is installed in your system.

Extract the module – When you download the module it will be downloaded as an archive file with .tar or .gz extension. If you are running a Linux based system, you can straight way extract the module but if you are having Windows then you have to use specific applications that can extract files with .tar or .gz extensions, for example 7-Zip.

Installing the module – Then of course comes the most important part of module installing in Drupal. For that you have to upload the contents of the extracted module folder to the desired location. You can upload the files through SFTP which is a standard file transfer protocol. You may think that you can put the downloaded module to the module sub-folder under the Drupal folder. But that would be a mistake as that folder is meant for those modules that come bundled with the Drupal Core. For installing downloaded modules you need to create a sub folder with a specific name under the site/my.site. directory. But if you want to install the module for all the websites in your Drupal installation you have to put the module under the site/all directory. There are certain modules that require specific treatment to function properly. To know about that you have to read the README.txt file that comes with the installation package.

Enabling the module – only installing a module in Drupal does not mean you will get to use the functions of the module. For that you have to enable the module. For enabling a module in your Drupal installation you have to go to Administer > Site building > Modules. At this page all the modules that are installed in your system will be displayed and you have to browse to the module that you have just installed or want to enable now. There you have to ‘check’ the enable box at the bottom and click ‘Save Configuration.’

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