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How To Read Java Characters In Programming

Java is an advanced level programming language that is used to write computer applications, store data, play games, process words and do several other things that computer software does. Java program is used in all major industry segments and it is present in range of computer, networks and other electronic devices. One of the significant features of Java is that it can be used to create applications that would run not only on a single computer but also run effectively on different systems in a network.

Although, Java has several advanced programming options, reading the Java character can be difficult even for an expert Java programmer. Java characters or character literals are character expressions that are integrated within the Java program. Each Java characters are expressed in sixteen bit Unicode character that range from 0 to 65535. While programming in Java, the character are written in within single quotes.

While programming in Java, if you use scanner class to get inputs for integers or doubles, it is natural that you would think you can read the character as it appears. However, onceyou compile the characters, you would get compiler errors.

If you are trying to read just one character, you must first convert the string into a character by entering char nameOfCharacter = nameOfString.charAt(0) command. Here o stands for the location of the character in the string. If you want to input an entire sentence and find the 10th character in the string you would have to write charAt(9).

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