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Import WordPress Into Joomla Website

It may have baffled you many a times, when you wanted to use and access your wordpress blogs using Joomla, and could not do so. However, here are some steps that if executed carefully can do the trick for you:

  1. First, create a backup of your wordpress site so that you can import it later. This is easily done by using the backup manager included within wordpress.
  2. Next step is to download JD- WordPress that will further help you n this process.
  3. Next, import the backup wordpress file into the directory that is being used by Joomla.
  4. Once the file is uploaded through this directory by you, click the components tab. This will display a menu under which you need to then click on JD- WordPress and then, manage.
  5. After this, you can access all your wordpress posts and even edit and categorize them. Ater doing all you want to, click on Save.

This process will help you in incorporating your wordpress posts in your Joomla website without shedding much sweat. You can now start having fun by adding more newer posts to the already posted ones on your wordpress site. If you want a more professional and customized support for your website design, you can contact Quantum Coders for their expert advice and services on the same. Regardless of the matter, incorporation of WordPress into your site offers more options or the viewers to post comments on your site making it more attractive and powerful.

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