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Installing Drupal

Drupal installation should not be a tough job if the website is configured correctly. Whether it is Drupal 4.7, Drupal 5, or Drupal 6, installation is really fast and easy. There are four basic steps to Drupal installation. – Drupal needs to be uploaded to the server – A database and a database user is created – The file is edited to add the database connection information – The database table are created using the correct ,sql file in the directory The first step would be to download Drupal from The file then needs to be uncompressed and uploaded in the Drupal directory of the web server. This can be done with an FTP program. A database in MySQL is created and a database user ID is also created and the database user is added to the database. Settings can be edited through .php. The database name, database user name, and the database user’s password are filled in. The data base tables are also created. These are chiefly the broad steps which could get your Drupal installed. After Drual Integration, once you navigate to the Drupal page, you would view a welcome page, the design of which will again depend on the theme that has been chosen.

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