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Key to Joomla Customization

Joomla offers unique customization features that can help in creating simple websites with basic features as also complex websites with robust and dynamic applications. Personal websites, small business websites, sophisticated corporate websites, blogging and interactive websites, creating picture galleries, educational or institutional websites, integrating polling features, e-commerce applications and RSS feeds – Joomla makes each of this easy and fast. Publish content via e-magazines or setting up websites that allows commenting while also allowing expert editing and managing of the products, news and services, and other published content is now easy with Joomla. Joomla customization allows search by categories, newsfeeds, sections, weblinks, contacts, and contents. The search engine friendly features also allow customizable layouts, managing third-party modules and components, and uploading huge amount content, including images. Joomla templates are easy to create and customize. For customizing the Joomla templates, an understanding of the basic structure of the templates is needed. Joomla CMS has some templates installed by default. A Joomla template directory includes an image directory and next files such as index.php, template_thumbnail.png, template.css, and templateDetails.xml. The purpose of the index.php is to provide all the information that is needed to create website layout. The XML file will allow you to edit the template author name, copyright information, names of image files, etc. and this information would then be used by Joomla when the template in installed. Let Quantum Coders handle your Joomla Customization requirements.

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