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Know the Core modules of Drupal

The core modules of Drupal offer a wide range of basic functionalities. They even provide advanced user profiles. A list of core modules can be obtained at the Drupal site and can be downloaded depending on the purpose to be served. With new modules being contributed often the number has surpassed 120. The Drupal core modules can be divided into two categories: the ones that would be absolutely essential and also the ones that are optional. The installation and configuration process involved is simple enough. Modules such as block, filter, node, system, and user carry essential user functionality and they have to be put in use when it comes to creating sites that are personal blogs, forums, notifications, or being used for publishing contents such as voting polls, online books and magazines, job postings, stories, advertisements, etc. The modules that are under the optional category are aggregator, blog, blogApi, book, color, comment, contact, etc. Each has a very specific usage and should be downloaded on the basis of the specific requirement of the web site designers. The powerful functionality of these modules can transform a simple static site with the sole purpose of conveying information to a site that is dynamic and serving the needs of creative and innovative minds of content creators, authors, and editors. Now you can go ahead and start Drupal Programming.

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