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New Beginnings

A lot has changed for us recently; we are growing rapidly, taking on new ventures and building a quality operation; all in all it is a very exciting time for us here at Quantum Coders. I have been spending a lot of time researching other web development & marketing agencies online and have found some interesting practices. It is a constant evolution in our industry with a lot of the major online marketing tactics evolving regularly (ie: back in the days of keyword density, the more keywords used helped your rankings. For some time now that is becoming less effective. You create highly contentious and linkable content to become popular with users then the links push you up in the search engine results, even if your keyword is mentioned just a few times.) Hence sites such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs have become amazing marketing tools due to linking capacity and the amount of traffic they get. Page Rank Optimization (Authority links) is like Japanese motors v.s. American motors, bigger does not always mean better performance. Recommendations by regularly visited websites will always count but the simple fact that you’re linked there is usually worth more than the PageRank that gets passed. One of the practices that I always try to convey to our clients is to make as much noise online as they can. Spending time on social networking sites promoting your company, blogging about your industries best practices and commenting on other people’s blogs and etc…always leaving a link to your own website in your signature. It is the little things people tend to forget about that can really help direct traffic to your site.  Just something to consider. I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend. -Ben Taylor


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