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Tips to Install Joomla by FTP

Joomla is said to be one of the most powerful CMS or content management system available in the market today. It enables you with the basic HTML understanding to help you in creating attractive websites for your purpose. However, you may still wonder about how to install this application on your web host. Here are some tips regarding installation of Joomla via FTP that may make the process easier for you:

  • Firstly, you would need three things for a successful installation- a Joomla web host, an FTP software suitable to your needs, and the latest Joomla installation that will serve your needs.
  • Extract the Joomla installation that you have downloaded to your computer and then log into your hosting account using FTP software. Remember that usually, you use the server name which then becomes your domain and user name along with your password. After this, you have to just upload all extracted files on the host.
  • It is important that you previously decide whether you want to install Joomla on the main domain or the sub domain, and then proceed accordingly.

These tips will surely help you in the installation of Joomla website via FTP after which you have to create a MYSQL database to complete the whole process. However, if you want to save all the trouble and get customized CMS services for Joomla regarding your site, you can contact Quantum Coders for a wide variety of Joomla Customization choices. After all, your site is what is representing the face of your company on the internet.

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