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Tips to Remove Duplicate Links in Sitemaps in Drupal

Durpal is popular content management system software that is used by website administrators to create, organize, customize and manage the content and the overall appearance of the website. Drupal is an open source system and it is written in PHP programming language. The website is widely used for its SEO features. SEO is the most important aspect that helps websites to get higher rankings in the search engine results.

A duplicate link in the website is one of the major reasons that lower the website rankings. The most common areas that have duplication links on Drupal website is the sitemap. If you notice duplicate links on your site, the following tips will help your remove the links and improve your search engine rankings:

  • Log into you Drupal website, then access the website admin by typing your domainname.com/user. Once you get into the admin page enter the admin by entering your username and password.
  • Click on the modules tab. You would see a list of modules that is installed on your Drupal website.
  • Find the ‘Site Map’ module and click configure site map.
  • Check the value in the categories depth field. Change the value to -1
  • Now click on the save option. The duplication links in the site map will automatically be erased and your website rankings would significantly increase. If the content on your Drupal website is fresh and regularly updated and if you have used appropriate keywords, the website would be ranked in the first page.

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