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Several rating exercises conducted from time to time have provided a host of Drupal modules as being the top most. Let us tabulate some the important modules that deserve a place in the top ten. Featured Content, Menu Trails, Vertical Tabs, Better Formats, Backup and Migrate, Administration Menu, Poormanscron, Fivestar, Views Slideshow, and Google Analytics has been rated as the topmost Drupal modules. There are also some other very important modules/views that have the capability to climb up the charts of popularity. They are Views, Content Construction Kit, Token, Pathauto, Administration menu, Image, ImageField, ImageAPI, Date, IMCE, ImageCache, FileField, Captcha, Advanced Help, Webform, Update Status, Meta Tags, Links, XML Sitemap, Devel, Voting API, Panels, Calendar, Tagadelic, Image Assit, Global Redirect, Ze, Email Field, Event, Internationalization, NiceMenus, Simplenews, Thickboxes, LoginToboggan, Site Map, External Links, and Page Title, to name some. With the help of these very important modules you can create featured content blocks for your Drupal website with Featured Content module; add some usability to your Drupal menu system with Menu Trails; vertical tabify all node forms with Vertical Tabs; add flexibility to Drupal’s core input format system with Better Formats; create backup or restore your Drupal database or copy the database from one Drupal site to another with Backup and Migrate module; make the administrator’s job easy and time saving with the Administration Menu; enable adding clean, attractive voting widget to nodes with Fivestar module; create slideshow of any content with Views Slideshow, easily and selectively track certain users, roles, and pages and also actively monitor what type of links are tracked and also which files have been downloaded with the help of Google Analytics module. Check out our Drupal Development portfolio.

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