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Ways to Add a Rating System to Drupal

If you have a rating system for your Drupal projects it will help you to make your project more effective and user friendly. The rating system not only notifies you about bugs and problems of the project but also gives you a chance to make the system flawless and fully functional. So having a rating system for you project is a good idea. Here we will discuss how you can add a rating system for your Drupal project.

There are so many modules available at the official Drupal website and you can choose any one of these modules to implement rating system to your Drupal based website. For that you have to search at the modules section of the Drupal website for rating systems. Once you have got the list of all rating system modules you can pick one that is compatible with the version of the Drupal you are using. Make sure that the rating system has all the features that you want to have. You can then download the chosen rating system module to your computer.

After you have downloaded the package, you have to extract the files and upload those files to the module subfolder under the parent directory of the Drupal site. It is better to create a separate subfolder with the name of the module so that it can be updated and managed easily. After installing the rating system you have to enable the module from the administrator console of the website setting. You can also customize various features and settings of the rating system.

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