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What exactly is a CMS?

To put it simply, a content management system is a software application and it is installed in the hosting server. It would essentially have a control panel to enable you to create content, upload pictures or videos, edit and mange the content that is being uploaded, and publish it in the web and this control panel needs to be accessed through a web browser. One basic advantage of a content management system is that content and the programming part is separated from the designing or the layout sections, and thereby the look and feel of the website can be changed easily without going into the complicacy of updating each and every page. Content management systems that are being used most by developers and designers are Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. They are all extremely search engine and user friendly and also customizable. These CMSs are extremely suited to big and complex as well as small business production environments and simplifies and integrates the varying roles of multiple users and facilitates the work flow management. Advanced functionality features such as including contact forms, or surveys, or even shopping carts, online transactions, e-learning, streaming media, file downloads are all made easy, simple, and fast. It amply saves your time, provides immense data security, and makes the process of updating your published articles and other content simpler, easier, and faster. Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla, all these three CMS have a buzzing online community so finding solutions and plugins is no more a challenge. Just analyze your needs to find out which CMS suits your requirement the best. Have a view of our Drupal Development and Expert Joomlaportfolio’s.

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