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What Is The Importance Of Developing Java Web Application

Java web applications are programs that work effectively on different computer systems and interact through a server or a network. Recently Java has gained immense popular among professional software programmers. This is because, Java is not only easy to use but also it is platform independent software. This implies that Java program can be created in one platform and executed in another, it works well on all platforms.

Recently several businessmen, organizations and investors are investing heavily in developing Java web applications. This is because of the growing importance of the software applications and the Internet in the business field. Java web application developments are used for maintaining weblogs, online retail stores, discussion boards and several other business purposes.

Web applications are developed in three levels – business services, data services, and user services and each has its own importance.

User service: Developing Java web application is important because it helps the users to interact with other computer applications and get accustomed to using the application. These applications can be anything from the basic and easy to use, HTML to the advanced COM components or Java applets.
Business Service: Business services Java web applications allow system integration through XML message exchanges and internet based technologies. The adoption of JBI based system integration enables Java web application developers to offer better services in creating web applications.
Data service: JDO or Java Data Objects is a complementing standard for using data from the data store through a standard interface based abstraction model in Java. Implementing data service java web application allows you to separate data store portability, concerns and performance.

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