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Why should you use Drupal as your preferred CMS?

Drupal is an extremely popular and widely used content management system because of various reasons. First, of all Drupal enables you to have a precise control over your URL structure. Drupal provides various tools to enable easy organization, structuring, categorizing, and re-using of content. Drupal has about 6,000 different modules and this feature enables the creation of unique websites without borrowing features available elsewhere and also addresses more or less all types of site requirements. Drupal allows easy use of aggregation, feeds, and search engine integration to help connect your websites with other sites and services across the web. Every time you are editing a Drupal page it allows you to save the latest version so that you can revert back to any older version if needed at any time. Drupal’s advanced taxonomy allows organization and tagging of content. Defining user roles, setting access control functionality, providing individual meta description tags to every Drupal page, and easy theming even without PHP knowledge are the other additional benefits of choosing Drupal as your preferred CMS. Drupal has become extremely popular in the world of technology and as a result there are various dedicated commercial service providers in the market that provide expert services and solutions to all your website needs. Drupal being an open source software has a buzzing community made up of hundreds and thousands of users and developers who are continually working to make Drupal a cutting-edge platform supporting the latest technologies that is available currently. Check out our Drupal Development portfolio.

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