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Quantum Coders™ builds Custom Branding & Marketing Solutions that are Sleek, Fast & Exclusive.

Quantum Coders™ has team of SEO, SEM & Community building experts working with us since inception of our company. Our team has been involved in generating leads for various industries like education, share market, IT, others.

Why should I do Branding & Marketing?

Directly speaking, without Branding, your potential clients will never know about your company and services. With proper branding, end-user will start recognising you and overtime they will start accepting you as competitive brand among other known brands. It is very important that proper steps should be taken to build a marketing plan that will take your company from Branding, Lead generation services & finally sales. If you have end-clients already known to you and they visit your site or store on regular basis to get the required services then still you maybe missing large community who may not be aware about your services. We use PPC, SEO, LinkedIn & Facebook market execution plan to start showing you results quickly.

Branding & Marketing that we provide

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Quantum Coders™ has team of well experienced and well known SEO experts. Our best practices strategies allow us to continually put our clients at the top of the search engine queries. Our focus is on site analysis and SEO compliant techniques to improve page rankings in natural search results.


Pay per click

Quantum Coders™ has Google Certified Specialist working who can build your cost effective campaigns. Before starting the PPC campaign our specialist will review your current site structure and will suggest changes as per marketing plan. After all the suggested changes or landing pages are build, we will start marketing your product/ services on PPC and other advertising platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. We will build the campaign and let it run for a week and keep adding negative keywords so that we can keep unwanted traffic from our campaign.

Facebook Ads

Quantum Coders™ Can help you create plan & ads on Facebook which will work. Facebook ads are cheap but it is very important to understand that they are entirely two different types of advertisement platform. The leads received through Facebook may have lot of unwanted leads and will require filtering.


LinkedIn Ads

Quantum Coders™ Can help you create plan & ads for LinkedIn too. LinkedIn ads may cater to your needs and it can be discussed only after knowing your product or services. LinkedIn ads are more focussed but they maybe expensive.

Web Analysis

Vast number of websites & stores on same subject is flooding the web, it has become extremely crucial for companies to track visitors, their profile. It is also very important to analyse and build comparison of natural search visits from paid search, duration of their stay, pages they visit, what they buy, and what they don’t. Our team, who are experts in Google analytics and use various tracking softwares to build comparison reports. Web Analysis helps in maximising returns from your site and shows you a structured feedback of how the end visitors are using your site.


Our Work


It is a WordPress driven information portal of Unit Partners.


It is an information and booking portal of Corridor Restaurant, created using WordPress CMS.


LaVoieHealthScience provides IR and PR to build recognition, sales and value for health science innovations. This is a WordPress based information portal.


Artsider is an online art gallery and marketplace, featuring artwork and products by artists worldwide. This is a Drupal based marketplace and shopping cart portal.


Everblue provides nationally recognized certification courses that spark the imaginations of professionals and corporations alike. This is Drupal + Moodle based custom integrated system both the system communicate with each other at various levels.

Land & Sky

Land&Sky was created in 2009 to provide luxurious festival accommodation within the idyllic surroundings of our meadows and woodland. This is Drupal based portal and provides information about luxurious festival accommodations and registration.

Advisoary Portal

This is an insurance advisory portal based on DOTNET platform. This system allows customer, agents and managers to create proposal for an insurance policy. This portal have many verifications process like online document validation, manager approvals etc. This also has a Dashboard for users to review and update records.

BPMInstitute is large Drupal based practitioner-led community of BPM professionals in the world, with over 50,000 members. Member services include training and certification, BPM events, a wide range of vendor-neutral BPM and related content, as well as face-to-face and online networking.








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