Enterprise Application

Quantum Coders™ have skill and experience developing Enterprise Applications in .net. Three tier, distributed applications that automate varied business processes, we have made. From backoffice to operational to strategic, we have exposure in all types of enterprise apps.


Web Applications

Quantum Coders™ have experience developing rich desktop applications for our varied clients. Skill includes WPF development, whereby a desktop application with rich user interface elements has been developed.

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Desktop Application

At Quantum Coders™ , we have skill in developing the enttire gamut of Web Apps possible on .NET. From single page applications, to complex, CMS driven web apps, we have experience in all. CMS that we have worked with include, DotNetNuke, Umbraco, and SiteCore.


Mobile Application

Quantum Coders™ have been one of the early venturers in Windows Mobile Application development. We have experience developing for Windows mobile from version 7. We have skill in developing all types of applications on Windows Mobile, from transactional, enterprise to games.