Core PHP Programming

PHP is strong tool for create dynamic and interactive website / applications. Nowadays PHP is used for creating e-commerce solution, custom CSM solution, web applications etc. Solutions developed using PHP are cost effective, fast, secure, reliable and scalable. Quantum Coders™ is developing website / application in PHP from 15 years.

PHP Frameworks

Quantum Coders™ team have expertise in various PHP frameworks like Codeigniter, Zend, CakePHP etc. Web solutions created using PHP frameworks is having great scalability, less time consuming, well-structured code, best industry compliances.

Collaborate PHP program

We can help you enhance your current site to add social features into your current or new site using PHP programming. We have experts who can develop key solutions for your community site by using PHP and its extensions at a very reasonable cost.

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PHP Security

Quantum Coders™ has extensive knowledge in creating web solutions which are having secure code and protecting against SQL Injection. Also using best practice to develop secure PHP applications like disable bad features, use proper error reporting & logging, validate input etc.

PHP Services

Quantum Coders™ has developed several services.

  • PHP web development
  • E-commerce development
  • Custom PHP Programming
  • Web Services
  • API Integration
  • CRM Development

We have Core-PHP programmers with 200+ combined years of experience. Our core-PHP team experts are being involved in writing several custom applications to integrate third party APIs with PHP. If your API is already integrated but it is not working correctly then do check with us and we will help you in a cost effective manner. Because of so many years of experience, we will be able to help projects developed for almost any industry.