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Quantum Coders™ builds Custom Wordpress Solutions that are Sleek, Fast & Exclusive.

Quantum Coders™ is Rated Best WordPress Service Provider ( Quantum Coders™ has earned this recognition on account of the firm’s sincere involvement with its clients, its innovative project planning strategies,

timely deliveries and extremely high quality of service and client satisfaction rate. The team has in-depth knowledge and experience in designing a host of Wordpress complex sites and integrating with 3rd party applications wherever necessary.

Why should I Choose WordPress for my Project?

Wordpress is very light weight and efficient Content Management System enhanced by community supported and paid plugins. Wordpress is being used to build lot of small & medium size sites and e-commerce solutions using WooCommerce. WordPress based sites can be extended using custom plugins and they work like plug n play system. Wordpress security team regularly checks the core for any software leakages and releases patches for known issues on regular basis. WordPress core has really long EOL cycle and is easy to upgrade unless the version is completely moves to new structure.

WordPress Services that we provide

Custom Plugins Development

Wordpress is no doubt the most advanced and highly interactive content management system (CMS). Our team has extensive work experience in writing clean Wordpress Custom Plugins to include business logic of complex websites. We write Custom Plugins only to cover complex functionality or enhanced business logic of the website we are working on. We use contributed & paid plugins, if available to keep the final project cost low.


Custom Wordpress Theme Design & Integration

Our creative web designers (UX & UI) can give your site completely new look and feel as per industry standards. These designs will have clean navigation system and the visitors will reach to the desired content with minimum clicks. Our web design coding team can custom build responsive themes as per approved design and to your fullest satisfaction Guaranteed!. Our designers have also used LESS framework extensively. SEO/ SEM team works very closely with our developers to make sure that final solution sells.

WordPress Development Services

Our company has been providing Wordpress services since 2008 and have learnt a lot as to how can we keep the project cost low. We have also built our own steps to be strictly followed once we receive the requirement for a project. Because of our extensive experience, my team is able to break the required final project into split tasks and these tasks are estimated individually, to make sure that we do not over quote or under quote our client. In our history of past experience we have never demanded extra cost because our estimates were mostly 100% accurate. We strictly follow SCRUM & Agile approach of project management to keep our clients in loop with the project development cycle and to get some fair input from the client. New requirements are estimated and approved extra.


WooCommerce Store Setup

We can help you setup WooCommerce Plugin ( on wordpress and it can be used to configure your web store. It is open source, efficient, fast, feature-rich. We can use it to configure physical as well as digital goods with multiple configuration. We can use it to setup bookings, membership and recurring subscription. There are lot of features which can be used to build a full fledge store at fraction of cost.

WordPress Hosting Support

We have team of Linux server experts who can configure and maintain your servers. We can setup your server on Amazon Web Service, Godaddy or with any other Hosting service Providers. We usually do not provide our own dedicated servers for your production needs but we develop client sites on our own development servers only. We can configure your servers with custom apache modules to make it more responsive. We have configured and worked with both Nginx & Apache web servers.



Our team has migrated several web projects from one platform to another. If you wish to migrate from Drupal to Wordpress, Other CMS to Wordpress, Core-PHP framework to Wordpress, Dotnet to Wordpress then my team will build an accurate cost to achieve this task. We will not only help you build new system but will also help you migrate your content from old system to new system.

Support & Maintenance

If you want to be worry-less regarding WordPress updates, Core security patches and updates, Plugin updates, backups and so on then please signup with us for Support & Maintenance package. Our team will make sure that your site is being updated on regular intervals (maximum 2 instances per month). Do you still have any query then please contact us now.


Search Engine Optimization

My team main goal is to build solutions which are clean and SEO friendly. WordPress in itself is optimised for SEO on regular basis and sites built using WordPress perform well on search engines. We install plugins like Yoast, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, in built configurations, others etc. Our final build goes through the eyes of SEO specialist and cleaned up. We can also build marketing plan for your WordPress site so that it ranks higher in the Search Engines.

Outsource WordPress Development

Search engines rank sites which has good content and keep updating. The Search Engine Crawlers keep visiting such site regularly and which impacts your ranking. If you wish that search engines keep visiting your sites for new content then you will need dedicated resource to maintain it. With us, you can Hire experienced Wordpress Developer to handle your technical tasks as well as to regularly update content. You can get few dedicated hours of our Search Engine team too so that we keep working on your sites ranking on various Search Engines. In long run it will definitely reduce your marketing expense. You can hire fully dedicated monthly resources Or monthly dedicated block time at very reasonable cost.


ApacheSolr + Wordpress

ApacheSolr indexes the content at file system level and hence reduces the load on Database Server. It is Fast, Efficient & very responsive when configured correctly. We use Drupal & ApacheSolr where we need to use full text index search for the site visitors. With Quantum Coders™, we can configure ApacheSolr at Server-Side as well as Client-Side so you don’t need different teams to achieve one task.

Our Work


It is a WordPress driven information portal of Unit Partners.


It is an information and booking portal of Corridor Restaurant, created using WordPress CMS.


LaVoieHealthScience provides IR and PR to build recognition, sales and value for health science innovations. This is a WordPress based information portal.


Artsider is an online art gallery and marketplace, featuring artwork and products by artists worldwide. This is a Drupal based marketplace and shopping cart portal.


Everblue provides nationally recognized certification courses that spark the imaginations of professionals and corporations alike. This is Drupal + Moodle based custom integrated system both the system communicate with each other at various levels.

Land & Sky

Land&Sky was created in 2009 to provide luxurious festival accommodation within the idyllic surroundings of our meadows and woodland. This is Drupal based portal and provides information about luxurious festival accommodations and registration.

Advisoary Portal

This is an insurance advisory portal based on DOTNET platform. This system allows customer, agents and managers to create proposal for an insurance policy. This portal have many verifications process like online document validation, manager approvals etc. This also has a Dashboard for users to review and update records.

BPMInstitute is large Drupal based practitioner-led community of BPM professionals in the world, with over 50,000 members. Member services include training and certification, BPM events, a wide range of vendor-neutral BPM and related content, as well as face-to-face and online networking.








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